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Drip Irrigation Design by ITC Water Management Hawaii

The ITC Riser with Vacuum Relief

Manufactured by ITC




Flow range of 5 to 110 GPM
Rigid PVC construction
1 1/2" IPS slip inlet & outlet
(2" spigot available)
Heavy duty valve stem & seal–cannot break with excessive hand tightening 
Drip tight shut-off
Polyester or stainless steel screens
available in 40,80,100, and 150 mesh
Includes air/vaccum relief valve
with pressure test point for easy pressure reading
Precision engineered
Low cost
High value
Little or no maintenance required
Durable long life
Valve, filter, air/vaccum relief, and pressure check all in one compact unit
Excellent throttling valve–will not creep
Provide back-up screen to prevent contaminants from entering downstream system (i.e., from mainline breaks, sand passing, and media filters, etc.)
Used as primary filter in some water conditions
Fertilizer and chlorine can be easily introduced to system through unit

Variations of the ITC Riser

Valve Only

Screen With Vacuum Relief

Lock Sleeve Fittings

Lock Sleeve Drip Tape Coupling

The lock sleeve drip tape coupling joins standard 5/8 inch tapes drip tight by inserting the tape into each end and turning the locking sleeves. This fitting is also available for 7/8 inch drip tapes. 

The original lock sleeve concept was developed and engineered by ITC personnel in Hawaii and was the first drip tape fitting of its kind in the world. Available in stock in Hawaii.

Lock Sleeve x1/4 inch Barbed Adapter

ITC offers the lock sleeve by 1/4 inch barbed adapter to transfer water from lay flat hoses to standard drip tapes (5/8 in or 7/8 in tapes).

Note: Other configurations of the locking sleeve fittings are available (tees, elbows, male adapters, barbed shut off valve by lock sleeve, etc.)

The ITC Vacuum Breaker Valve (VBK)

The ITC 1 inch vacuum breaker valve (VBK) assembled in Hawaii is available with or without a pressure read option. The picture shown at right includes the optional pressure read. This valve is primarily used for vacuum relief in drip irrigation systems downstream from the block shutoff valves. This relieves a potential vacuum in the drip tape which can cause external drip tape plugging.